From the time she was a little girl, Donna Walton dreamed of becoming a star. But in 1976, at the age of eighteen, her life took a tragic turn. Diagnosed with a dangerous form of bone cancer, the bright young woman found herself facing the loss of her leg in order to save her life. From there, her spirit was broken, and only shattered dreams remained—until she began the long journey of putting the pieces together once again.

An eye-opening tale of reinvention, Shattered Dreams, Broken Pieces is the story of the decades Walton spent working to rebuild her world and discovering new confidence and a fresh sense of purpose along the way. Through disasters, setbacks, trials, and tribulations, the author continues to prove that no crisis is too large to recover from—and offers readers valuable insight for overcoming obstacles of all types...

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This CD is an abbreviated, yet powerful overview of Donna’s life story. Since losing her leg over 25 years ago, Donna has attained personal and professional success - having triumphed over her fears of deficiency to discover her assets within and her power to thrive. She has learned many life lessons along the way, and now she wants to share those lessons with you.

Narrated by Donna, this CD offers eleven empowering lessons for achieving goals and greatness! Each lesson is an account that vividly illustrates what happens when we choose to triumph over adversity. If you're ready to Thrive and not just Survive, Dreams from a Nightmare is for you.

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