LeggTalk Story

LeggTalk Story

My company's name LEGGTalk™ reflects my personal story. It is a story of triumph. There were so many opportunities for me to fail after I lost my left leg to an amputation at the age of 18. But each day that I could accomplish something, big or small, made me more confident in who I was. I never would have overcome my own internal struggle with disability, and become the empowered individual that I am, were it not for the lessons that I learned about living.

Essentially, I learned that I didn't have to simply survive - if I had the will and the belief that I could thrive!

You see, your life is intricate. Each part is like a piece of a puzzle, and your self-image controls it all. It's difficult to live your life emboldened, with passion and zeal in the face of adversity. But it's possible; once you recognize that you have everything right there within you to overcome life's challenges and be a winner!

Often motivation comes from talking - about what's holding you back, preventing you from living your dreams. My work centers on talking, listening, and sharing my living principles, as a counselor and coach, a trainer and a motivational speaker.

The transformation of an individual who accomplishes something he or she never thought they could thrills me! Which is why I created LEGGTalk, Inc.™ (formerly Dream Reach Win, Inc.) to impart valuable Lessons of Empowerment for achieving Goals and Greatness to persons with or without physical disabilities.

My company works with individuals, corporations, government agencies and other institutions, helping people to live and work passionately. We also serve practitioners in centers that provide rehabilitative services, such as hospitals and prosthetic and orthotic clinics, and support groups - and many, many others who benefit from the Talk.

Here's to you! Dream, Reach, Win!

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