LEGGTALK™ is a for profit organization that provides services to individuals, corporations, government agencies and other institutions, helping people with and without disabilities live and work passionately. We also serve practitioners in centers that provide rehabilitative services, such as hospitals and prosthetic and orthotic clinics, half-way houses and group homes, and many, many others who benefit from the Talk.

At LEGGTalk, we strive for a world in which all people are treated with dignity and respect, can actively define their own lives, and can ultimately achieve economic freedom. Individuals with and without disabilities who are in transitional phases of their lives confront a myriad of issues and are at a greater risk of failure due to multiple challenges, including but not limited to underemployment, lack of accommodation, outward abuse, discrimination, and self-imposed isolation. We recognize these disparate disadvantages that systemically infiltrate our institutions and are committed to helping people overcome them.


To see more individuals live empowered and self-self-actualized lives throughout their life span.


To motivate and empower individuals to conquer their personal limitations (real and perceived) and achieve their vision of success.


Networking. Communication. Self-image enhancement of the Inner and outer self. Leadership. Financial literacy.


Often motivation comes from talking - about what's holding you back, preventing you from living your dreams. LEGGTalk's services center on talking, listening and sharing living principles, through counseling and coaching, training and motivational speaking.

LEGGTalk, Inc.™ offers a variety of workshop formats (e.g. webinars and virtual classrooms) to serve Bureau of Prisons Re-entry Programs, Secondary Education Vocational and Transitional Services. We can individualize based on your needs and offer group counseling and coaching. We are also available to speak to your company or organization about any of these topics as well.